Your e-STUDIO Control Panel is your gateway to simplicity and productivity. You scan once, and send to multiple destinations, including Scan to multiple folders, multiple emails, etc. You can type emails in, select from a list, or browse address book.

What it is?

One scan job can be sent to many destinations. For example, you can scan a document, then select all pages to archive, then some pages to be sent to other destination(s). You can send to multiple folders and multiple email destinations for various processing options. You can select from a list of folders, list of emails, select emails from address book, or even type in the email on the control panel. The StackSend is designed to save you time, increase your productivity, and most of all, it is so easy to use.

Your e-STUDIO MFP supports Single-Sign-On “SSO”, so when you authenticate to the MFP “Printer” you have access to your favorite Apps, like StackSend, with a touch of a button. No need to authenticate again.

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