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Online Backup and Recovery Service

Protect your mission-critical data from malicious attacks or disasters with automatic online backup and recovery service

Why Toshiba’s Online Backup and Recovery Service?

Our Online Backup and Recovery Service is a consumption-based, encrypted, online backup and recovery service to ensure that all your mission-critical data are automatically protected, and allows for seamless recovery when disaster strikes.


Proactive Backup
Backup workstation files and folders that meets your policies automatically based on schedules.

Centralized Management
Set up backup and recovery policies, receive alerts on backup process, and report on consumption, usage, and more.

Simple Recovery
Recover any backup data from anywhere to any location through an online portal.

Online Backup and Recovery Service feature

Online backup & recovery

Backup workstations’ files and folders ensure all mission-critical data are secured.

Real-time monitoring and management

Using predefined policies, receive alerts on backup process and backup usage on a single site or multisite.

Granular policy configuration and scheduling

Create different settings for backup and easily apply to as many devices as you need.

Comprehensive reporting
Reports on multisite backup summary, site backup summary, and device backup summary.

Backed up files are encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption before being transferred over to the cloud and at rest in the cloud to ensure the data are protected.

Simple recovery
Through the web portal, recover data from backup to a designated location.

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